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    1. Lovely, relaxing show
    2. Neil has a new guitar
    3. Suits
    4. Is that a stage invader?! Oh, hang on, no, it’s Terry Edwards
    5. Neil chucking lager over himself
    6. What Are You Fighting For? Yess!!!
    7. My Oblivion Ahhhhh!
    8. Ooh, Waiting For The Moon!
    9. Two drummers, just like Adam and the Ants.
    10. Two glockenspiels, not just like Adam and the Ants.



    setlist from instagram post



    New guitar is not so new – I’ve had it for some years, but it’s only now made it to the stage for this run.

    No harm done with the beer spillage!

    We played ‘My Oblivion’ after ‘Travelling Light’.

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    Thanks Neil, it was a really enjoyable show



    What a fun night that was.

    I loved the bonus surprise videos!

    Though I did miss the “still the greatest band in the the world” heckle.

    Also, did Stuart forget/confuse some of the words in my sister?

    Lovely lovely night. Thank you



    “Though I did miss the “still the greatest band in the the world” heckle.”

    That was done instead in Brussels last month. Steve was not in London this time 😉



    Stuart missed out the ‘went blind’ part of My Sister so was slightly ahead of himself and had to repeat the ‘broken hinges’ bit.

    Excellent gig- have never heard Drunk Tank, Seaweed, Say Something Now or Waiting For The Moon live before, so was thrilled at those. Also, this was my first gig at the Barbican since moving in to the estate, so it was a fine way to christen my new abode 🙂

    I really gained a new appreciation for Thomas Belhom – I didn’t think he fit as the sole drummer back around The Hungry Saw (especially on the older material), but as second drummer/ percussionist last night, he was absolutely brilliant as a foil to Earl’s excellent playing. I’d love to see him continue with the band if at all possible!

    If there’s a place for requests for the next set of gigs, I would put in a strong plea for the return of Jism and The Ballad Of Tindersticks. Both would have fit in with the sound.

    Also, the lighting was incredible- the individual lamps were an excellent touch, and the single spotlights changing round really felt effective.

    Lastly, in a moment of Star-spotting, Chris O’Dowd (aka Roy from the IT Crowd, among other things) was sat at the end of my row.

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