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    Amazon has a link up for a February reissue of Simple Pleasure on Music on Vinyl.

    Says it’s 2LPs and £30, but no other details, and given they’ve mis-spelt the title it might be wise to treat this info with caution too!

    Anyone on here know any more?



    Looking into it, but the band wasn’t aware of the reissue. They’ve reached out to MoV to find out more, and I’ll pass along any information that I get.

    However, it appears to be a vinyl reissue of the 2CD from years back (the 2nd lp being the b-sides and unreleased tracks). Actual source material is unknown at this time.



    I emailed MoV and it’s (unsurprisingly) mastered from high res digital;

    “We received and used high res audio files (96 KHZ / 24 BIT) of the original masters.”

    Not quite sure what ‘original masters’ means in terms of some of the stuff on disc 2.



    i collected the yet available information here:

    The material is based on the Universal 2004 remastered files according to the MOV website.

    PLEASE NOTE: AVOID posting the SP cover artwork or any link which contains this link on facebook, as that will earn you a 24h or more BAN from them.

    The ARTWORK is censored there 🙁

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    Simple PLEASURES

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    Nice package for those who missed the original vinyl release and can’t afford £100 plus for a copy. Sounds good and bright to these ears, and great to hear the bonus stuff on vinyl.



    Generally a really nice re-release for those of us who missed the original issue.

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